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Timebox Editor (glympton) - Thanks to all those contributors who have kept the magazine going for the past few years ... we will continue to publish occasional articles, and retain a random selection of some the best.
MTM presents...
MTM presents...
Dragon Rock Mike Purcell (manic mike) - Currently working on a new soul/blues/rock'n'roll project with Maz singing! Uncontained. Some rough cuts are presented for free download.
Dragon Rock
Tim Leonard (slim leopard) - I disappeared like a black cat down a dark alley. So here I am or am I here. Anyhows what you're seeing here is just secondhand daylight. If you just get yourself in the right frame of mood we might just make that last bus. Tickets Please !
Slim Leopard
Slim Leopard
Sketches Sometimes Mike Brand (jim) - I've been reworking both and Sketches now includes the video designs for Blue/Orange with the set designs for it and Kindertransport in the Catalogue.
Sketches Sometimes
Timebox Webdev - Other guest contributors include Aaron, Gareth Evans, Mick Hilton and Brian Wright. If you want to improve your image...?
Creative Web Design
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The Glympton Global Gazette magazine features poetry, lyrics & short stories,
artwork & photography, plus animation, short film & music clips.