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Rising Sun Arts Centre
The Rising Sun Arts Centre is a small independent arts centre based in Silver Street, Reading. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people to participate in the arts.
Netley Landscapes
Designing, constructing and maintaining wonderful gardens since 1986. A small, professional and friendly company with an emphasis on high standards of workmanship.
Go24 Group
Go24 Group Ltd helps organizations to market and sell their innovative products and service.
The latest research carried out by associates in the field of fixed income, derivatives, financial engineering, quantitative analysis, structured finance and securitisation.

........... and some of our recommended/favourite sites
Terry Clarke
Songwriter, singer/raconteur, 12 string guitarist from the 'Hometown', lately his own photographs and paintings have appeared on his album artwork ...
Twentyfour hours in the West Berks Jungle
Putting a rural community centred on the market town of Newbury under the microscope. Who is the man behind the mask?
Gelatin Gallery
Vintage and Contemporary Photography
Two Rivers Press
A cooperative with a growing reputation for bold design and illustration combined with distinctive new writing.
Kesand Marstrand
I was fortunate to catch her on Nessma TV. A beautiful voice, original poetic songwriting, unique talent well worth checking out...
Possible Films
From the quiet and thoughtful to the loud and ridiculous, revealing tireless experimentation, curiosity, and playfulness.
Bernd das Brot
es ist wie immer, nur schlimmer!
Sarah Harmer
My friend gave me a Tarot card reading over the phone one night as I was watching TV with a guitar in my lap.
"I've drawn a mountain," she said.
"I'm a mountain," I said.
Vernon Coleman
Books, ideas, views, news and information from provocative, iconoclastic writer, bestselling author, columnist and leading campaigning journalist.
Interactive music video and experience.
Includes a Noodlebox archive, as created by Daniel Brown back in 1997.
Sarah Polley
Up for 'Best Site Award',, a fansite devoted to the Canadian actress, director and oscar-nominated screenwriter.
Ego Film Arts
The films of Atom Egoyan include 'Exotica','The Sweet Hereafter' and 'Ararat'. This flash website looks worth exploring too.
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