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grass grew to my shoulders
it was good and green
a boatman on a waterway
thats what could be seen

from the swathes of wildy wildy
gleaming reedbed lilies
mosses too
where boulders strewn and sleeping
lay among them
did i did
i dally there
where a tripod and a pot
beneath the beechbough shadows glowed
on embers amber hot
and flames were licking at the sooty kettlepot

the dwellers of this kitchen dell
were somewhere gathering gone
was i was
i couldnt tell
a random or expected one
the story seemed to me to carry on
and back among the grasses where
the daylight sky appeared
i walked towards a leafy bank
and tumbling water heard

the sound was soft and velveteen
in fresh and scented reeds
long lush stalks of grasses leaned
in flower and in seed

all ripe
array of green and stems
a wild enchanting aura
i drifted and i swayed like them
a fae among the flora

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