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The Timebox Timeline - our animation projects 1998-2002
Sharif C. adds music, Anuk Teasdale brings life to a series of Mike Brand's paintings inspired by lampposts in Leipzig.
The Bet - you fool !! - 1998
Chekhov, 15 years, 15 million ... Anuk animates, Mike paints and Sharif produces this 9 minute adaptation.
Dogho & Millie Mopp - 1999
Mike & Anuk learn new skills working on individual shorts. Sharif produces and we meet the guy from Channel 5.
Annecy 2000 - in at the deep end
Europe's premiere animation festival turns 40 - we're but a small part of it.
From Mice & Bugs to Space Life
The Nose and other projects are put on hold, but a storyboard of Mike's grows to a full demo, evolving further with Sharif's music, input and production.
Millie Mopp not only finds herself in space but back in the burger bar with a football mad Dogho.
Title Date Length
& Concept
& Artwork
& Sound
Doorhandles (DepicT!) 2002 1:30 AT/MB MB MB/SC/AT
Space Life pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4 2001 6:50 MB MB SC
Mice & Bugs + Millie Mopp in Space 2001 5:10 MB MB MB
Millie Mopp in Ballet 2000 1:20 AT MB SC/AT
Millie Mopp in Burger 2000 1:20 AT MB SC/AT
Millie Mopp in Parents 1999 1:40 AT AT/MB SC/AT
Dogho in Super Sunday 1999 1:30 MB MB SC
The Bet (adapted from Chekhov) 1999 9:20 AT/SC/MB AT/SC/MB SC/AT+
Introducing Timebox 1998 0:40 SC/MB/AT AT/MB SC
Timebox Kila Dance     SC - Sharif C, MB - Mike Brand, AT - Anuk Teasdale + other
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